Course curriculum

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    Recommended Books

    • Recommended Books for Leaders With Legacy

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    Recommended Podcasts

    • 'All Personal' Podcast - we turn the good old saying ‘nothing personal, just business’ upside down, and prove that, in fact, it’s all personal, nothing is just business.

    • 'How's Work' Podcast by Esther Perel: new perspectives to the invisible forces that shape workplace connections

    • 'Unlocking Us' and 'Dare to Lead' Podcasts by Brene Brown

    • 'A Bit of Optimism' Podcast by Simon Sinek

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    Recommended TED Talks & Videos

    • TED Talks for Skills Development

    • Breathing Exercises for Better Presence: Voice, Diction, Speaking, Confidence

    • Speaking Exercises for Better Speech: Pace, Volume, Pronunciation, Impact

    • Feedback: What It Means and How to Give It